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Founded in 2000 by noted author and personal growth & development leader Howard Wimer, Inner Expansion Workshops is a non-denominational, community-based educational program featuring spiritual energy techniques that help you unfold your true potential.

At Inner Expansion, we firmly believe you do not have a soul; you are a soul! Once you understand that you do not have to go to – or through – another person to find your own personal direction and your purpose, you will discover your own inner guidance and how it works for you. With this in mind, Inner Expansion Workshops offers courses featuring step-by-step processes without indoctrination into dogma or theology.

With our courses, you can grow at your own pace. There is no “it” to “get.” In other words, there is not a “philosophy” or “belief system” you have to adhere to or follow. You are your own person.

It’s so important to realize that we have all the answers within us. Sometimes we just need a little help to bring them out. For the past 36 years, Howard Wimer and his colleagues have been sharing with people around the world how to find their own answers and to recognize that they are pure soul or spiritual energy.

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