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Inner Expansion Workshops was founded in Littleton, Colo., back in the fall of 2000, when founder Howard Wimer decided to continue his spiritual work that enables people to go deeper into their spiritual growth, making what he calls The Universal Laws of Life® even more practical in a person’s life.

Wimer began sharing his spiritual energy techniques back in 1973 through a program started by Dr. Francisco Coll. The two men had returned from a training tour in the South Pacific when Dr. Coll died in 1999. It was at that time that Wimer became determined to make available to anyone the eight spiritual concepts that he had taught for so many years.

He moved the international offices to Irvine, Calif., and created a series of dynamic workshops designed to bring people into the new millennium with the goal of keeping the program simple and practical for those seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

Wimer believes that no one should remain ignorant of what is available to them — especially when there are tools and techniques that can help a person be in charge of their own life. With the expansion of the Internet and the emergence of social networking, it became important that this message remain in the forefront. This is how Inner Expansion was born. The key was to make all of these spiritual energy techniques available to anyone — regardless of where they lived. As long as they had access to a telephone and/or an Internet connection, they could learn how to tap into their own inner guidance and find their own answers.

Wimer’s philosophy is this:  People are the same everywhere. We all want to know who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going in life. But no one likes to be told what to think or what to believe.
By giving people the tools to find their own answers — without being indoctrinated by someone else’s philosophy or creed — they can be free to make their own decisions.

Today, Inner Expansion's seminars, workshops, community involvement circles, private consultations and training programs are being scheduled on the Web and in communities around the world. The goal is to create an organized system of tools and techniques that everyone can use and that can be easily shared with others.