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You Can Communicate And Connect Successfully With Everyone

    IRVINE, Calif., May 11 – Research shows that some 75 percent of mistakes made on the job can be attributed to ineffective communication.  If that’s true, just think what breakdowns in communication are doing to our relationships. While we’ll always face challenges to good communication, they don’t have to become permanent obstacles that stop us in our tracks. We can learn to communicate and connect effectively with everyone when we tap into the inner dynamics that are really at work, says author Howard Wimer.

    The real factors at play aren’t things like differences in gender or age. “Below the surface, the real factor that determines how we relate to others is how we use our four spiritual gifts,” says Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion Workshops and author of the new book Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts.  Everyone is born with all four of these gifts—the gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing (or feeling)—but we each have different needs and ways of expressing ourselves depending on which gifts are most strongly developed within us.

    “You may not be aware that you are using one or two of your gifts more than others to communicate, but you are,” says Wimer. “Your strongest gifts will determine how you express yourself, why you do what you do, and how you relate to your environment and other people.”  The gifts that are most fully developed within us even shape our personality. “Prophetics,” for instance, can easily see the potential in themselves and others. They get a sense of what people are going to say before they say it, and they need to know what is happening around them at all times. “Clairvoyants” have a tendency to communicate visually by painting a picture with their words and they often need to see the big picture before making a decision. “Clairaudients” are introspective, practical, and discerning. They can keep things organized and like to have all the facts. For “healers” (or “feelers”) relationships are very important. They are warm and bubbly, have a knack for helping people feel good about themselves, and need to know why they are involved in a situation and how they can help.

    By developing your own gifts and learning to recognize what gifts others are using to communicate with you, you’ll learn to stand up for what you need and, just as importantly, you’ll be sensitive to what others need. “Whether you’re trying to get a job done, communicate with your family or partner, or interact effectively with people you meet for the first time, using your four spiritual gifts to meet other people where they are is the key to success,” Wimer explains.

    Wimer has developed a unique system that has helped thousands of people identify and develop their primary gifts—their strong points and main avenues of communication—so that they can make their best decisions and communicate successfully with anyone.  He is the founder of Inner Expansion Workshops and Inner Expansion Virtual University, successful international community-based programs and courses designed to give people the tools to understand who they are and what they want to accomplish in life. His new book, Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts: How to Maximize Your Intuition and Inspirations to Become More Creative, Successful and Fulfilled, is available at neighborhood and online bookstores nationwide.

    For more information, visit or call 1-949-474-5542 or 1-866-241-6708 (US & Canada).