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Here at Inner Expansion Workshops, we're proud to have participants from all over the world. Like you, many made initial contact with us through our website, and almost all have gone on to become repeat participants in our unique offering of courses, workshops, and retreats. The best compliment an educational organization like ours can receive is the positive feedback we're known to receive from our participants. The following is just a small sample of some of the success stories from participants just like you:

I am a graduate-level teacher at the University of Denver and I love your Spotlight eNewsletter. In fact, I forward it to many of my grad students to balance work, family, spirituality and school. ~ Maureen Entrup - Centennial, Colorado (US)

A BIG thank you to (the consultant) who I had the telephone consultation with. It has been a fantastic experience and I feel so connected. Excellent! ~ Graham Deakin - Comwall (England)

My name is Heather Rich and I've been reading your newsletters for almost a year now. I just wanted to thank you for providing something just to provide it for the benefit of all those actively seeking some form of guidance along their way, but I also wanted to mention something I've personally noticed. Every time I read the week's newsletter, I start to feel a smile come across my face. It just seems that whatever that week's topic is, it somehow touches directly on something I've been feeling or have been dealing with in my life at that very point. Thank you for freely providing me with some solace for my spirit, and some true food for thought! ~ Heather Rich - New Jersey (US)

Your telephone consultation took all of my learnings with Inner Expansion to a whole new level. I learned a fun and easy technique over the phone on how to ask my angels important questions. I would have to say the consultations are like having a "spa for the soul." ~ Melody Dawn - Kamloops, B.C. (Canada)

(The consultant) was amazing and the entire experience was awesome. I was definitely left feeling very in tune with my "Angel Guides", as I now call them and more confident in the answers form them. It definitely helps to ask the right questions. Thank you... ~ Karen (South Africa)

I have just finished my consultation and I am not sure I can even find the words to describe the experience and the knowledge I have come away with. It is so powerful. I am grateful for the discovery of your site. The report was so accurate and the materials you provided assisted me in the 'rediscovery' of who I am. The best part was and is the 'how to' communicate clearly and effectively with my 'angels'." ~ Noemia Walaska - Fredericksburg, Virginia (US)

I did learn how to communicate with my angels. I did not think that I could, but when we did the exercise, I was really surprised at the results. ~ Catalina Urbina - Venice, California (US)

I was very surprised to feel that I was in contact with my angels, it is very exciting. It gives me inspiration to continue working with my personal life plan and communicating with my angels. The consultant was very nice and easy to understand and talk to.  ~ Diane Morenskog (Norway)

I have had the best 72 hours in my life since I received my Personal Life Plan. This really is a manual for life that we have been missing! Having great success with my own work with my angels. I have to laugh, they are becoming very forceful when they answer me now. I really get a kick out of it and am glad to know they have such a wonderful sense of humor. THANK YOU ~ Maggie Terrero-Hill, R.N. - Castleton, New York (US)

Your class helped me to relax, sleep better and has given me confidence knowing I can now contact my angels for help and guidance. Thank You! ~ Heather Mercadante - Boston, Massachusetts (US)

We did the very first circle yesterday evening! Was absolutely GREAT... I had seven guests... and it worked out really, really well. I got so much positive feedback today! I have to say, I am really excited about the whole thing... and my inner knowing is telling me, this is going to be big!! ~ Louise Delaney - Dublin (Ireland)

I was at the weekend retreat last weekend and completely loved it! I feel like a new person with the exercises. I have gone to many different seminars, and none of them have been as powerful as last weekend's. It was a life turning event for me. ~ Roger House - Greenwood Village, Colorado (US)

I can feel the difference that the Personal Energy Cleansing technique makes. I feel much less uptight and got to work on some projects without procrastinating about things. ~ Chuck Berger - El Paso, Texas (US)

(The consultant) was able to quickly form a rapport with me and gave lots of information. The communications with my angels is a ever growing delight... Now I just need to find more hours in my day to do all of the everyday chores. ~ Gillian McGinty (Spain)

Inner Expansion Workshops has helped me to understand that trusting and following the guidance I receive is always in my best interest. ~ Sue Nothnagle - Denver, Colorado (US)

Thank you very much for the eBook you sent me. It has already been put to good use. I also wanted to let you know that what you are doing is a very positive thing. I hope your influence rubs off on others as it has for myself. ~ Christopher James Salum - Las Vegas, Nevada (US)