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Every concept that we talk about, you can experience for yourself.

This is the only way you can find out what your truth is and what is not. If you don’t have an experience to back up what you believe, then it is not practical.

Practical spirituality is just that. You have to be able to put it into practice in your daily life before it makes sense or truly means something for you. Otherwise, what good is it?

For example, if you believe in angels or spiritual guidance, isn’t it important to be able to communicate with them directly so that you can get answers for yourself?

If you know that it is essential to trust your inner sensitivity, wouldn’t it be great if you could discern exactly how you do it?

Let’s say that you truly believe in self-healing and that your concepts affect how you feel mentally and physically. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know exactly how your mind affects your physical body—and the key solutions for healing yourself in each area?

You know that you have vivid dreams—sometimes prophetic in nature. How would you like to be able to interpret your own dreams so that you don’t have to go to someone else to do it for you or read about someone else’s symbols in a dream interpretation book?

What about knowing that there is really such a reality as life after death? You may believe it, but is there any way to prove it yourself? If you can communicate directly with your own personal team of spiritual helpers and you can feel them giving you the answers, doesn’t that tell you something?

Would you like to learn how to stay relaxed and confident in every situation? Through special spiritual energy techniques, you can discover how to buffer your personal energy from any kind of negativity or pressure…in 60 seconds or less.

When you deal with other people, do you ever feel as if they are in control and not you? Through community involvement circles and other programs with Inner Expansion, you will be able to stay detached from other people’s energy and start to understand what your true purpose is.

And finally, why do you do the things you do? Did you know that you came to learn new spiritual concepts about yourself in every seven-year cycle of life? Through Inner Expansion programs, you will be able to identify exactly what you came here to experience and whether you have mastered it or not. 

The goal is to do your greatest work and to move through life with direction and purpose.