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Below are short excerpts from each chapter of Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts:

Chapter One: Your Personal Communication System

“…the more you pay attention to the hunches, ideas, feelings and visions you get, the more open you will be to your life unfolding in a way that you never thought possible.”

Chapter Two: Where Does Inspiration Come From?

“…have you ever had the experience of feeling that you were being guided to take a certain action or you said something that you did not even know that you knew? At times like that, your team of spiritual guides was working closely with you to help you and the people around you.”

Chapter Three: Living True To Your Feelings

“…how do you tell the difference between your true feelings and what you have taken on from others? The first way is to have an inner gauge of how you are feeling at all times. Do you feel happy or sad? Do you cringe inside whenever someone criticizes you? Do you feel you have to prove yourself? Do you judge yourself whenever you believe you haven’t measured up?”

Chapter Four: The Big Picture of Prophecy: The Challenge of Trusting Yourself

“…when in total balance, prophetics have a great ability to work with people because they can see the potential in others before they see it in themselves. Prophetics have a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives and in society as a whole, but there are some pitfalls they need to be aware of.”

Chapter Five: How to Unfold Your Gift of Prophecy in Your Personal, Business and Social Life

“…remember that each gift has its positive and negative traits, or; to put it another way, each gift has a balanced and unbalanced expression. When we are expressing the unbalanced side of a gift, it is because we have let our emotions get in the way of communicating effectively with ourselves and others.”

Chapter Six: The Clear Vision of Clairvoyance: Creating a Positive Self-Image

“…because clairvoyants are so visual, they receive guidance from their spiritual helpers in the form of visual pictures. Sometimes people confuse the prophetic gift with clairvoyance.”

Chapter Seven: How to Unfold Your Gift of Clairvoyance in Your Personal, Business and Social Life

“…as a clairvoyant, it’s critical for you to have control of your attitude and how you see life. You can choose to either be positive and inspired or you can visualize all the tragic experiences you have had and bring yourself down and be depressed. It is up to you.”

Chapter Eight: The Dynamic Direction of Clairaudience: Leadership With True Concern

“…if you are a balanced clairaudient, you love challenges and have a strong sense of inner direction. Once you get an idea that you believe in, you won’t stop until it is accomplished.”

Chapter Nine:  How to Unfold Your Gift of Clairaudience in Your Personal, Business and Social Life

“…whenever it comes to getting things done, clairaudients have it made. Their natural tendency to get all of the facts before they move forward prepares them to be successful in whatever they do.”

Chapter Ten: The Gentleness of Healing: Moving From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Loyalty

“…healers like to touch because this is how they communicate best. When they find someone who needs help, they want to get close to him or her and become affectionate.”

Chapter Eleven: How to Unfold Your Gift of Healing in Your Personal, Business and Social Life

“…one of the greatest strengths of those who have healing as their first gift is the ability to be one with everything and everyone around them. This same trait can pose serious problems if you have not learned how to separate your own feelings from what others are feeling.”

Chapter Twelve: Communicating and Connecting Successfully with Everyone

“…when you are not being yourself, it’s impossible to have fulfilling relationships or to discover and accomplish what is most important to you in your life. To come back into alignment with your true inner nature, you need to take a good look at who you are divorced from your environmental influences.”