Virtual Book Club

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Join our global webinar and tele-conference!

Every two weeks, you can join us for an international webinar and tele-conference where you will have an opportunity to share with others from around the world on what you are learning from experiencing the concepts and practical techniques in Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts.

There are local telephone numbers in 16 countries or you can communicate with a microphone and headset. Everyone will have a chance to participate!

These on-line sessions will be conducted by Howard Wimer and other leaders in the Inner Expansion program so that you have the benefit of sharing with people who have had years of experience working with their inner guidance.

Remember, you do not have to wait until we come back to Chapter One. Every week will be different and exciting.

It helps if you have ordered the Beginner’s Package (Spiritual Gift Communication Program), but everyone is welcome—at no charge.

Register now for the Inner Guidance Virtual Book Club every other Tuesday at 8am Pacific Coast Time (US).