Energy of the Week Webinar

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Energy of the Week

Every week the energy on planet Earth changes as it circulates and flows in this amazing 'school' that we all came to experience and learn from.

There is a key word that helps us to stay focused on the particular meaning of the energy throughout every week. Knowing this key word helps deepen the experiences that are developing around this 7-day period into learning even more profound lessons from everything that is taking place.  

In the Energy of the Week webinar we take you through the week's key word, it's implication and the understanding of how it affects all three areas of your life: personal, business and social.

Using the insights from this webinar allows you to see differently all the choices you are facing and the decisions you are to be making and equips you to stay solid and on track with solutions that the webinar will inspire in you.

Joining the discussions within the webinar allows you to express your experiences while being a part in the sharing of others and will enrich your views and creative ways to apply what you are learning in your day-to-day life. Making this practical for yourself is all that matters.

When you are paying attention to the key word and the essense of the energy flowing on a weekly basis, you will soon begin to notice how various events in many different places worldwide gravitate around similar lessons that are unfolding more or less for everyone present on the planet at that time. You will start to recognize trends and shifts in the mass consciousness as a result and will be more attuned to the explanation of what is taking place and why.

Living better and learning more at the same time has never been easier.

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