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Welcome to Inner Expansion Workshops, Inc. Affiliate Program

Whether you are already involved and have experienced some of our programs and consultations or have just visited our Web site and have enjoyed learning the invaluable tips and information we are sharing, we know you are excited and have already benefited from everything we have to offer you.

Naturally, if you are attracted by the energy of Inner Expansion and reading this information now, you are yearning to share about us with other souls so that they can benefit further as well.

Unlike any other strictly business endeavor which offers merits for your efforts, we find it fit that our Affiliate Program rewards you in a two-fold way so your generous sharing outflow is balanced with our supportive energy inflow. Being open to sharing about our programs is an enriching experience which also creates material abundance for you.

It is free for you to become an affiliate to Inner Expansion Workshops, Inc. It is easy to earn materially from sharing spiritually with others who are searching. As our affiliate, you earn 30% commission on every product purchase that you have inspired. Here are some examples:

  • If you sell one IEW Beginner’s Package priced at $37.50, you earn $11.25.
  • If you sell one IEW Intermediate Package priced at $175.00, you earn $52.50.
  • And if you sell one IEW Advancement Package priced at $395.00, you earn $118.50.

We are constantly improving new tools to aide your affiliate initiative and make it a truly successful one for you. With the advancement of today’s technology at our fingertips, we have made it possible to reach out to anyone anywhere on planet Earth in real time and spread the word that way.

Enjoy an exciting and rewarding journey!

Sign up to be an Inner Expansion Workshops, Inc. affiliate here:

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P.S. Once you become an affiliate you can get your own Inner Expansion Web site. Contact us at to find out more.

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