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Wherever you are on the globe - you are invited!  Rotating Globe

For a free introduction and spiritual energy techniques.

Find out whether your first spiritual gift is: Prophecy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience or Healing for free when you join us.

Are you having fun and living the best life possible?

If your answer is anything short of a Big Whooping Yes! ~ you oughta bring yourself to our party to shake up your spirit and see what you’re all about!

Did you know that you are prophetic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and a healer? In fact, no more or less that the most famous psychics of all times - like let’s say Nostradamus?

If you’re not at ease with that idea - come on over and find out how you can use your own inner guidance and sensitivity to tap into all of the resources that are in the universe and live the best life you want right away!

Whatever your beliefs - this is beyond any religion, dogma or theology and is all about you as a spirit Inner Expansion Partyand energy - so come and be at home with who you are.

Inner Expansion EventJust gather a group of friends and you’ll have more fun than ever finding out how it all works. The party is free for you and everyone else attending.

All you need is a good internet connection and a camera. From 5 to 500 - Inner Expansion's Party will entertain your group giving you a great time.

We’ll take you on a journey through all eight of The Universal Laws of Life®:

1. The Law of Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose
2. The Law of Spiritual Communication
The Universal Laws of Life3. The Law of Spiritual Energy
4. The Law of Our Relationship
With The Cosmos
5. The Law of Attraction
and LifeAfter Death
6. The Law of Life Balance
7. The Law of Science,
Religion and Culture
8. The Law of The Life Cycles

You’ll see how everything about life
falls into one of these simple laws
and can be explained along these lines. A profound understanding
of them allows perfect balance
in energy and living on track with
one's spiritual purpose while
having fun accomplishing it.

We'll share about what guidance is:
1. How you have picked your own helpers before you incarnated on planet Earth
2. How they are helping you on a daily basis
3. How you can have a solid communication with them to find out anything you want.

We’ll show you what your first spiritual gift is:
1. Prophecy (inner knowing)
2. Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
3. Clairaudient (clear hearing) or
4. Healing (inner feeling) and how you receive your inspiration from your own guidance through it.

You will experience a few incredible spiritual energy techniques:
1. We'll show you how to relax and get cleansed personally in less than a minute
2.You will learn also how to cleanse your environment and even your entire city, country and the whole world
3. You’ll learn how to feel, see and read people’s auras in 20 seconds and
4. You'll experience how to blast off your energy and lift a person up with two fingers and more…

You will also see how you can make all of this practical in your life to do anything you want.

We’ll see you there!


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