Practical Spirituality 101

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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about Practical Spirituality 101

Many people honestly believe organized religion holds the only keys to unlocking life's purposes and lessons. For these people, dogma plays a critical role in their everyday life and existence. Yet, today -- as it has been for thousands and thousands of years -- other avenues, including Practical Spirituality, exist to help us make sense of and guide us through the here-and-now and what's still left to come.

In this brief, six-lesson online tutorial, Inner Expansion Workshops brings you up to speed on Practical Spirituality basics – what it is and isn't, its history, how to put it into practice, and where to go for additional information and resources. Along the way, we answer the most frequently asked questions about Practical Spirituality, as well as guide you toward making informed choices about your interest in learning more in-depth on this important topic.

Click one of the following topics to begin your exploration of Practical Spirituality and how you can use it in your life: