Practical Spirituality Defined

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For centuries, mankind has been searching for answers. The only problem is we haven’t been told the whole story. Whether you are just starting to search for the meaning to life or have read every noteable book on spirituality and self-help ever published (all you have to do is look at your book shelf!), you will find this website insightful and useful. For starters, let's define Practical Spirituality.

Practical Spirituality is the process of becoming a more self-aware and whole person. The idea is not to be a holy person; it's to be a whole person. Practical Spirituality is all about your own personal growth and development.

With Practical Spirituality, there's no need to put  religious concepts into a spiritual environment. Practical Spirituality exists fine all on it's own, and so can you!

The key to understanding Practical Spirituality is that you are a soul that has a physical body, not a physical body with a soul. Many people say, “I know all of this already." Okay, so now the questions becomes, "What are you doing with it?”

  1. Do you ever feel lonely?
  2. Do you ever get depressed or angry?
  3. Do you ever feel taken advantage of or feel frustrated when people don’t do what you want them to do?
  4. Do you ever feel insecure or feel as if you are comparing yourself with others?

And so on and so on…

In other words, are you putting all of your knowledge into practice in your daily life? This is the key to making your spirituality practical. By understanding yourself more — and taking a look at why you do the things you do — you will be more loyal to yourself and your spirituality will become more real and actually make sense.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve studied and read about other people’s experiences in books or seminars.   What matters is what you experience and how to be in your true feelings all the time, rather than your emotions.

Read more about this in Practical Spirituality In Practice.