Practical Spirituality Resources

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Here are a few resources for you to gain a greater understanding of the eight universal laws that govern the spiritual energy of planet Earth. Check this area for insights you will not get anywhere else.

Some of the categories and topics we will cover are:

The Law of Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose
Everyone has a personal team of spiritual helpers that came to back us spiritually while we are here so that we can live our life purpose and accomplish what we came to do.

The Law of Spiritual Communication
Each one of us has four spiritual gifts we use to get inspiration from our spiritual guidance: prophecy (inner knowings), clairvoyance (inner visions), clairaudience (inner thoughts and ideas) and healing (inner feelings).

The Law of Spiritual Energy
There are seven spiritual energy centers throughout our physical body that expand or retract depending on the concepts we pick up in the first seven years of our life.

The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos
Every night we go back to the universe to regroup ourselves spiritually showing that we are a "soul with a physical body - and not a physical that has a soul."

The Law of Attraction and Life After Death
It is impossible to die - but where do we go?

The Law of Life Balance
The balance between our intellect and feeling natures are the key to being who we really are as we discover how important it is to be loyal to ourselves first.

The Law of Science, Religion and Culture
Every society is created based on the intellect and the feeling natures.

The Law of the Life Cycles
Every seven years we change physically, spiritually and psychologically.

Articles by Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion Workshops:

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