Advanced eCourse - The Law of Life Balance

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Individual Chart & Private Phone Consultation

This private phone consultation will show you how you have been affected in the areas of being semi-intellectual and emotional in the first seven years of your life.

You will also be given keys to clarify how to be more in tune with yourself and avoid being dogmatic and rigid or feel taken advantage of by not setting boundaries in your personal, business and social life.

Without any personal therapy, you will also be able to release a key concept that is holding you back from being more successful than you already are.

*The Law of Life Balance Practical Workbook and Study Guide eBook and the Personal Energy Expansion eCourse are included with this program.

Pre-Requisite: eCourse 1.101: Inner Guidance Consultation Program (Intermediate Package)
This entire program will be sent to you by email.

eCourse 6.101: The Law of Life Balance Individual Chart and Private Telephone Consultation
(Youth Under 18 - $97.50 with parent or guardian permission)