Advanced eCourse - The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos

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Individual Chart & Private Phone Consultation

This private phone consultation gives you a chance to be guided through each one of the 33 questions from the workbook so that you can see the potential in each one.

The Certified Consultant will help you discern the difference between your personal loyalty to yourself, your service to others in an organized way and how to have a 50-50 relationship with everyone around you.

You will also learn how to discern your personal priorities by asking your inner guidance how to set your personal direction every day for the rest of your life.

*The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos Practical Workbook and Study Guide eBook and the Personal Energy Expansion eCourse are included with this program.

Pre-Requisite: eCourse 1.101: Inner Guidance Consultation Program (Intermediate Package)
This entire program will be sent to you by email.

eCourse 4.101: The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos Individual Chart and Private Telephone Consultation (Youth Under 18 - $97.50 with parent or guardian permission)