Soul Expansion Weekend

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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about the Soul Expansion Weekend

As a soul, we are eternal.

In this introduction to the Soul Expansion Program, we take you through a journey of your life you will never forget. For example, one of the many concepts we cover: Because we are pure spirit or energy, it is impossible to die. We live on spiritually rather than physically. But where do we go?
In this weekend retreat, you will discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You will realize that there is a bigger picture of life that you may not have been able to tap...until now.

Why do we become emotional and put ourselves under pressure without knowing the true reason for it? Our obsessive nature keeps us tied up in knots and we have trouble understanding how to get out of the discomfort we feel when we are around people who remind us of our parents. When we become possessive, who are we being loyal to? Is it ourselves or other people who make us feel greater or lesser than who we really are inside?

In past lifetimes, we create relationships with souls who have passed on but still feel as if they need to share with us, even though they do not have a physical body. Sometimes we feel this as depression or anxiety. During this weekend event, you will learn to release this energy so they can move on and fulfill their true potential as they realize that their spiritual guidance has been trying to communicate with them all along.
There is healing on both sides of the fence. The feelings or emotions you may have experienced throughout your life may not even belong to you.

Soul Expansion Weekend Agenda

Session One:  The Big Picture and Clarifying My Motives
Saturday, 9am-1pm
This session is dedicated to getting a big picture of life after death and what happens when we pass on.
We will delve into the "entrapments of the soul" that keep us from moving to a higher state of awareness.  The motivations of power, glory and devotion keep us entangled into the complacency and negativity that show up in our own mind and the relationships we have with our loved ones and others.
You will learn how to overcome these states-of-consciousness so that you are leading a directed and dynamic life and have the best communication possible with everyone around you.
Session Two:  Emotional Behavior and How To Avoid It
Saturday, 2-6pm
Did you know there is a big difference between your emotions and your "true feelings?"
By clarifying how you "react" to situations in your life rather than "respond" with solutions, you will change your life for the better.  Now you will realize that many of the "intellectual feelings" you have don't even belong to you.  You inherited them from your parents - or whoever raised you.
By healing these concepts, you will realize that you don't have to be put on the defensive or feel intimidated in your relationships.  You will also discover that every relationship you have, whether it is personal or platonic, has to be 50% good for you and 50% good for the other person.
During this session, you will receive a special healing from your spiritual helpers so that your personal energy is consistent and relaxed without the stress you may have become accustomed to in your daily life.
Session Three:  Obsessive Behavior and How To Overcome It
Sunday, 9am-1pm
Have you ever had the feelings that you "have" to do something, rather than just have an inner desire?
This is what obsessive behavior is all about.  You will realize that outside obligations make us feel as if we do not have a choice when it comes to doing what is right for us or others.
This shows up many times in our family life as well as in our business relationships.  It is what creates "dis-ease" in our physical body as well as hyper-tension.
In this session, you will learn more about how to be loyal to yourself first and not hand over your life to feelings of expectation, assumptions and demands.  You will be able to keep your energy on a high-note and realize that everything in life is an opportunity to learn and grow - and share our wisdom with others.
You will also receive a special healing from your spiritual helpers so that you can release feelings that do not belong to you of an obsessive nature.
Session Four:  Possessive Behavior and Free-Will
Sunday, 2-6pm
This session will be the crowning touch for the entire weekend.  You will learn that you do not have to follow anyone else's direction if you don't want to.
As a free-soul, you have no limitations.  You will realize that no one can control you unless you want them to.  But who really wants to?
Sometimes we do things without realizing we are even doing them.  Your spiritual guidance will take you through a series of questions and answers so that you know you are on the right track spiritually for yourself.
This will enhance your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and everyone else you meet in your daily life.  They will feel the energy you have as being clear, decisive and helpful.
During this session, you will heal relationships from past lifetimes that have kept you from being who you really are.  You will feel as if previous burdens that you thought were you lifted from your life experience so that you can live your true potential.

The total registration fee is $250 USD ($300 at the door).


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