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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about the
Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose Weekend Retreat

Share with others and learn more for yourself.

There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing with people what you have experienced in life. As a matter of fact, it is essential if you want to gain fulfillment and satisfaction. What could be better than passing on to someone who is searching for more meaning to their own life a practical tool or technique that has helped you?

Think about it. If someone else had not had the benevolence to help you step up to a greater awareness of what is possible to accomplish, where would you be? One of the greatest fears people have is getting up in front of people giving a “speech.”  There is no doubt that many people shy away from public or private service because of this universal insecurity.

Did you know that all fear is based on a “lack of understanding?” It is never more true than in this case.  Once you have all of the facts of a situation (what, when, where and why), then there is no insecurity or fear.

So how can you get around this lack of self-confidence? It’s easy. Most people think that public speaking or being an instructor is proving that you know more than others and that you are an “authority.”

Well, guess what? You are! On yourself. No one can tell you that you are wrong when you share from your personal experience.  If you try to “give people information” that you have read in a book or heard in a university classroom without putting this “theory” to a test for yourself, then what good is it?

It’s just a theory.  And no one likes to prove that something is real without believing it themselves.

So here’s the point.  Don’t ever feel as if you have to prove a philosophy or concept that doesn’t exist for you.  Only share what you have experienced in your own life.  Then, you will have all of the inner confidence and security that it takes to share with others how you did it.

Sound simple?  It is.

If you are the type of person who wants to have a total balance in their personal, business and social life—let us know about it. We will train you to help others who are just like you.  No one is any greater or lesser than anyone else.  What makes us unique is what we have learned about ourselves.  You don’t have the answers for anyone.  You don’t have to “teach” anyone anything.

Just be yourself.

If you want more information on how to be a part of this special team of way-showers, you can contact us by email at or fill out the form below.

P.S. Remember, you can’t “teach” people anything. All you can do is educate them to bring out what they already have.

The choice is yours.

Below are links to our available different training courses. Click on any of these links to get started:

You can start a free community involvement circle with your own family or close group of friends and offer everyone an amazing experience with our spiritual energy techniques.

Get together with others in your own local or virtual community to find out what your niche is and how to expand the Inner Expansion Program in your area and around the world.

Want to instruct a Spiritual Gifts Seminar, a Free Introductory Seminar or an all-day workshop based on The Law of Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose?

What about presenting The Universal Laws of Life® all-day workshop series as an Advanced Instructor?

What would it mean for you to learn how to administer My Personal Life Plan chart and consultation, that you loved experiencing yourself, for someone else?

How about offering the My Personal Life Plan chart in a seminar or all-day workshop as a Certified Instructor?

Once you have become a Certified Personal Life Plan Chartist and Consultant, you can learn how to administer The Universal Laws of Life® advanced consultation series for those who want to gain an even more in-depth personal understanding within each law.

Bring your advanced training to the next level and offer the Universal Laws of Life® advanced chart series in seminar or all-day workshop settings as an Advanced Certified Instructor.

Train the Trainers

You can go all the way and become one of our leading experienced advanced trainers and train others to do the various charts and consultations that we are offering.