Advanced Certified Chartist-Consultant-Instructor Training

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You are the most important person to yourself.

The simple concept that you are the most important person to yourself is what most people seem to forget. We are so programmed to believe that everyone else comes first, that we often forget we come onto planet Earth alone — and we will leave alone.

With our in-depth Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant Training Program, you will be able to clarify for those searching for themselves how they can easily identify what concepts belong to them and which ones belong to their parents or whoever raised them.

By checking closely with your inner guidance, you will be able to take people through a step-by-step process of unfolding who they really are inside. Some people call this “peeling away the layers of the onion."

Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant

Once you become a Certified Personal Life Plan Chartist and Consultant, you can learn how to administer The Universal Laws of Life® advanced consultation series for those who want to gain an even more in-depth personal understanding within each of the eight laws.

In the Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant Training Program —  while working with someone who already has the knowledge and experience to be able to ask their spiritual helpers questions during the consultation — you will be able to go deeper with helping them find their own answers.

This training takes you to a different level of service as the person you are working with realizes that there are, literally, no limits to what can be understood or achieved.

There are no questions that cannot be asked when the whole universe is open and available to be tapped into for inspiration and insight.

Each Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant training program takes one full day, and is delivered in a group session or experience. Every participant learns how he or she can bring out the best in everyone they work with through a smooth and dynamic spiritual system. 

Please note: Enrollment in the Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant Training Program is by invitation only.

Advanced Certified Instructor

Bring your advanced training to the next level. In addition to the one-on-one advanced consultation training, the Advanced Certified Instructor Training Program gives you the opportunity to offer all 10 of The Universal Laws of Life® advanced chart series in seminar or all-day workshop settings. Furthermore, you will also be able to instruct all 10 Master Weekend Retreats based on The Universal Laws of Life®.

Taking people to the next level spiritually.

Inner Expansion instructor training can be taken to several levels. As an Apprentice Instructor, you are able to assist a Certified Inner Expansion Instructor with the insight and techniques to help everyone get the most out of every workshop. As a Community Instructor, you will be able to share with people in your own area as well as inspire others to share what they have put together with their friends and family.

You may be selected to go to a different state, city or even country when the need arises so that people outside your own area can realize the same opportunities you have had where you are.

Since Inner Expansion is an international community-based educational program that has no geographical boundaries when it comes to offering its services around the world, you are free to choose to travel as far as you want to share with your spiritual protégés.

The Inner Expansion Management System is as follows:

Region 1: North America
Region 2: South America
Region 3: Europe
Region 4: Middle East
Region 5: Africa
Region 6: Asia
Region 7: Oceania

Each region has a Regional Program Coordinator who will assign and coordinate with all of the instructors in the region.

The Regional Program Coordinator may have others assisting him or her to make sure that the standards of the program are kept at the highest levels.

Special training will be offered in person and over the Web to make sure each instructor is ready to take on the assignment they have been given.

For more information on how you can become an Inner Expansion Instructor, email us at, call 866-241-6708 toll-free (U.S. and Canada) or 949-474-5542 local and international, or fill out the on-line application form below.

Advanced Certified Chartist & Consultant & Instructor Experiences

Check out what some of our advanced chartists, consultants and instructors are sharing about their experience of going through the Advanced Training.

    Anthony DiPietro      Diana Ford      Nancy Hairsine      Julia Hines      Universe

      Anthony DiPietro              Diana Ford               Nancy Hairsine                Julia Hines                    Universe


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