Instructor Opportunities and Training

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Being there for your spiritual protégés is what it’s all about.

Everyone has a spiritual message, and there are people who come to hear it.

Inner Expansion's instructors give people the tools to be able to:

  • Bring out their true potential
  • Bypass making others more important than themselves
  • Find out what their spiritual message is and how to apply it in their everyday lives

Inner Expansion's programs are all designed with one purpose in mind: To give people the tools and spiritual energy techniques they need to help them realize that there is nothing they cannot accomplish, especially once they understand who they are, where they have been, and where they are going in life.

Our instructors do not have the answers for our program participants; only the participants do. There is no dogma or theology associated with what we instruct. Our instructors are not there to tell our participants what they should or should not do with their lives. Rather, through our Instructor Training program, we show you how to help people bring out what they already have inside. As we're fond of saying, there are ways to help people spiritually without indoctrinating them.

As a participant in our Instructor Training, you will receive special training yourself so everyone you instruct feels inspired and directed in every class you lead.

Note: The word "education" comes from the Latin word e-ducere, meaning "to lead out." As an educator, you are helping others become a leader of themselves. This is what you came here to do.

Instructor Opportunity

This opportunity is for people who want to train and instruct the Free Introductory Seminar, Spiritual Gift Seminar and an all-day workshop based on The Law of Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose (no personalized chart). This training is available through the Advancement Package at no extra cost when requested and approved.

Advanced Instructor Opportunity

This opportunity involves presenting all eight of The Universal Laws of Life® in the course of day-long workshops. It includes an additional pre-requisite after becoming an instructor: These instructors must have personally experienced the specific Advanced Chart and Consultation related to the relevant universal law of life that it stems from. 

To apply to become an Inner Expansion Instructor or an Advanced Instructor, email us at, call 866-241-6708 toll-free (U.S. and Canada) or 949-474-5542 local and international, or fill out the on-line application form below.

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