Key Circle Coordinator Training

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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about the
Community Involvement Circle Video Training Program

Sharing with others is the spice of life.

What would it be like to build your energy from week to week in a group session you can share with your friends and family? Key Circle Coordinator Training, which allows you to facilitate Community Involvement Circles, includes eight separate sessions where you can regroup what you are learning from life and benefit from everyone else's experience in a setting that is:

  • Open and relaxed
  • Non-judgmental
  • Fun and enlightening

In Key Circle Coordinator Training, you will have the opportunity to discover and practice new spiritual energy techniques that will help you:

  • Stay focused and directed
  • Come up with solutions for challenges in your life
  • Heal yourself of concepts that may be holding you back

Please Note: Key Circle Coordinator Training is included in our Advanced Package (Personal Energy Expansion Training Program, which costs $395).

This special 8-part training series includes videos of the practical techniques for each session on The Universal Laws of Life®. In addition, an Inner Expansion Certified Chartist and Consultant will mentor you through the whole process.

You also get a technique handbook with all of the procedures on:

  • What to do during the 3-hour session
  • How to keep the energy moving and flowing
  • How to present the techniques in the circle

And, most of all…how to have fun doing it!

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