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Dear Key Circle Coordinator,

Welcome to the Inner Expansion Community Involvement Circles Support Center where you will get the tools and links that you need to present successful community circles in your area.

It has been a long-held dream for me to bring the dynamics of classes on spiritual energy to the community. And now they are here!

The "key" to healthy growth is a balance of inflow (inspiration) and outflow (sharing with others). This is the magic of long-term personal and spiritual growth.

Please find below every resource you will need to grow, share with others and recoup your initial investment with the Community Involvement Circles Training Program. It may seem like a lot to cover at first, but we wanted to make sure we gave you every available tool to share your message with others.

Along your path, you will have the direct support of others who have led these circles themselves in order to help you along. There are no limits. You will get out of this whole experience as much as you are willing to put into it!


Howard Wimer
Founder, Inner Expansion

What to do before the Community Involvement Circle  

  1. Click here to schedule a community circle in your area
  2. Make a list of everyone you want to invite to your circle with this .pdf template
  3. Click here to review the video technique training program (Password: expansion)

Remember, you can promote the circles to individuals or groups.

Flyers to help you promote:

Chapter 1: The Law of Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose
Chapter 2: The Law of Spiritual Communication
Chapter 3: The Law of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 4: The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos
Chapter 5: The Law of Attraction and Life After Death
Chapter 6: The Law of Life Balance
Chapter 7: The Law of Science, Religion and Culture
Chapter 8: The Law of the Life Cycles

What to do during the Community Involvement Circle

  1. Have everyone sign a registration sheet (download here)
  2. Let them know that they will be receiving a special virtual package in their email
  3. Make sure you participate in the sharing and techniques (don't leave yourself out!)
  4. Have the procedures in front of you so that you don't miss a beat!
  5. Make sure you start on time. If someone doesn't show up at the designated time, go ahead and start the meeting.
  6. Since it is a three-hour session, you can take a 10-minute break between the sharing sections and the technique sections of the circle.
  7. We recommend that you do not serve snacks during or after the session, although you can have a fellowship or pot-luck meal before the meeting if you want. Water and glasses is always appropriate for the sessions.
  8. Promote upcoming Inner Expansion events at the end of the circle.
  9. Set the energy (time & place) for the next circle.
  10. Take people's orders for the Beginners Package, Intermediate Package, Advancement Package and other programs (see affiliate program below).
  11. HAVE FUN!!!

What to do after the Community Involvement Circle

  1. Immediately after the circle: cleanse yourself, the meeting area and cut the energy of the group (see below)*
  2. Regroup on your key word and what you gained from the circle spiritually by going to the Community Involvement Circle Regrouping Survey.
  3. Send the names, addresses and email addresses of the participants to Inner Expansion via email or fax so that they can be sent their virtual package.
  4. Enter all of the product orders into the Web site and the shopping cart (enter your affiliate number if appropriate).

And finally...Schedule Your Next Circle Here!

*By using the Personal Energy Cleansing technique and the World Cleansing technique, you can cleanse the area where the circle met and then, gather up everyone's energy and send it back to them so they can use it 100%. Picture in your mind the image of clapping and cutting the energy, by saying in your mind, "1-2-3...this energy is closed." And clap on the word "closed." This way, either your home or the meeting room will be 100% back in your own personal energy again.

Remember...we are here to back you in helping others to help themselves and to live the life you have always wanted to live.

The way to grow spiritually is to pass on your wisdom to others in an organized way. This is what Inner Expansion is all about.

Call us at 1-866-241-6708 Toll-Free (US & Canada) or 1-949-474-5542 or email us at

Special Note:

The affiliate program is here to help you to back yourself spiritually and materially by sharing with others how to find their own inner guidance and share with others.

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