eCourse 8.130-V/T: The Law of the Life Cycles Community Involvement Circle Video Training

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The Law of The Life Cycles Video Intro

Note: The above video can be played for the participants - but we suggest that you do not show the other videos as this is your training to conduct the community involvement circle.

Introduction to The Law of The Life Cycles Community Involvement Circle
Howard Wimer, Founder
Inner Expansion

Spin Off

Looking Back

*For the Looking Back technique, it is important that you give people a choice whether they want to experience this in the session or not.

You can substitute another technique from any other session in it's place if you desire, such as Universal Circle.

Healers Delight


You have just finished the Community Involvement Circle Video Training Program.

As an affiliate with Inner Expansion, you have been able to inspire many searchers to quench their thirst for knowledge and understanding of themselves through the practical tools and techniques that are offered through the Inner Expansion program.

You are now eligible to apply to become an Inner Expansion Certified Chartist and Consultant.

The Inner Expansion Certified Chartist & Consultant Training is available on-line as well as a one-day class or on-line. You can apply to take this course by emailing us at

What's the next step?

In addition to applying to be a Certified Chartist and Consultant, you can also have a special Leadership Training Circle with everyone who has ordered the Community Involvement Circle Training Program.

Here are the procedures and format for the circles.

You will need to have downloaded all 8 of The Universal Laws of Life® eBooks & Study Guides for each series of sessions: 8 chapters x 7 sessions = 56 weeks of inspired groupwork!

For more information for how these sessions can work for you and your team members, call Inner Expansion at 1-866-241-6708 Toll-Free (US & Canada) or 1-949-474-5542 International or email

We look forward to sharing with you even more!

All the best,

Howard Wimer
Inner Expansion Workshops, Inc.