Spiritual Gift Communication Program: Just $37.50!

Discover your true personality and how balanced you are spiritually. Our Beginner's Package, called the Spiritual Gift Communication Program, includes:

  • Howard Wimer's book, Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts
  • 4 Spiritual Gift audio guides
  • A personalized chart with the order of your 4 spiritual gifts
  • Personal Energy Cleansing and World Cleansing Technique videos
  • Access to our customized quiz revealing the 20 balanced and unbalanced traits of each your spiritual gifts
  • Copy of The Universal Laws of Life® Practical eBook & Study Guide Home Study Program (57 pages)


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Inner Guidance Consultation Program: $175

Clarify your personal direction and understand how to make the right decisions for you. The Inner Guidance Consultation Program includes: 

  • Everything from our Beginner's Package, plus...
  • Your very own Personal Life Plan, detailing why you came into this world and how to accomplish your life purpose with a complete Audio-Guide on each section
  • One-hour private phone or Web consultation on how to connect with your spiritual guides/angels with 23 keys to asking questions and receiving immediate answers from your spiritual guidance
  • A lifetime membership in our Guidance Tips Forum, an online resource for continuous support with a Weekly Guidance Tips Webinar and Tele-Conference, to share your experience with others worldwide
  • Personal Regrouping Program Video, showing you how to use The Universal Laws of Life® Practical eBook & Study Guide Home Study Program


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Personal Energy Expansion Training Program: $395

An in-depth home study program on the 8 Universal Laws of Life. Our ultimate spiritual energy technique expansion program, which includes:

  • Everything from our Beginner's & Intermediate packages, plus...
  • 8 50-page home study workbooks
  • 8 self-paced eCourses, delivered online
  • 8 video training sessions on how to start an Inner Expansion Community Involvement Circle
  • Two complete Weekend Retreats (one Basic and one Advanced) wherever they are offered in the world
  • Opportunity to enroll in our Community Instructor Training Program
  • Access to one of our staff members or instructors to help you with the entire program
  • Promotional training and support for events you coordinate
  • Bi-Monthly regrouping webinars and conference calls
  • Private access to an online forum for additional support


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Weekly Energy of the Day for February 10-16, 2014

Flowing with the right TIMING will be easy as a breeze if you are focused on yours, but flexible and considerate of all of the other circumstances that play a role in what you want to do for yourself. If you remain balanced, everything will always happen for you in the right timing – no earlier and no later.

Weekly Energy of the Day for February 3-9, 2014

Living through AMAZING thrills and chills is on the agenda for this week! Make it the most exciting it can be by helping yourself feel good and positive. Do new things with new friends and you will harbor and take away the most fun ever.

Weekly Energy of the Day for January 27-February 2, 2014

A great and REALISTIC lesson is in store for everyone just showing how easy it is to be real, sincere and true to your very own nature. Anything else will be very hard to do and not work for you at all. It will be a quick and obvious clarification.