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Here's what people are saying about Inner Guidance and the Four Spiritual Gifts:

A thirty-year veteran of the personal growth movement, Howard Wimer writes with a particular metaphysical expertise in his self-help, self-improvement instruction manual "Inner Guidance And The Four Spiritual Gifts: How To Maximize Your intuition And Inspirations To Become More Creative, Successful And Fulfilled". Sudden hunches and flashes of inspiration occur to us all. If listened to and acted upon, they can often result in the enhancement of the quality of our lives, the achievement of our goals, and the furtherance of our aspirations. The founder of 'Inner Expansions Workshops' and the 'Inner Virtual University', Wimer writes with a particularly 'user friendly' style that is ideal for the non-specialist general reader seeking to identify and utilize the four gifts that are the common heritage of human beings: prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing. As informed and informative as it is inspired and inspiring, "Inner Guidance And The Four Spiritual Gifts" is a welcome and highly recommended contribution to the growing library of Metaphysical Studies and Self-Improvement literature. - Midwest Book Review, via

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Wimer teaches that we all receive intuitive information but we don't always trust how to effectively acknowledge and negotiate these hunches, feelings, thoughts and/or visions.

In Inner Guidance, Wimer translates the workshops he has developed over the past 30 years into print.  In this methodology, he describes how the reader can identify which of four distinct types is his/her main avenue of communication: clairvoyance (images), clairaudience (ideas), prophecy (knowing premonition) and healing (feelings).

Each person possesses all four in differing order of dominance.  Furthermore, sometimes an individual will be conditioned by a parent's dominant gift suppressing their own.  This can create challenging imbalances.

Wimer thoroughly describes each of the four providing anecdotes to illustrate points.  To access practical intuition, he offers specific exercises.  Wimer balances his serious concern for the universe's well-being with down-to-earth playful enthusiasm.  "Letting go and seeing what unfolds is part of the fun."  It's as if he's transported himself to your house and personally encourages you to trust and believe in your own ability and responsibility to live a truthful and fulfilling life. - Joy Tomasko, LA Yoga Magazine

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WHAT is your spiritual gift? Author Howard Wimer presents an interesting and plausible theory for what he refers to as the “four spiritual gifts” that he believes we are born with. The “gifts” are: prophecy (inner knowing), healing (inner feelings), clairaudience (inner thoughts or ideas) and clairvoyance (inner vision).

Wimer offers a practical, no-nonsense explanation of the dominant personality traits and communication styles that make each gift unique; with this information and a short questionnaire you are able to determine which gifts are your primary and secondary gifts, and how to best balance and use the traits of each gift in all areas of your life.

According to the book, my primary gift is prophecy. Wimer says the communication mode of a prophetic is knowing what you want to say before you say it; even expecting that others automatically know what you mean. For each gift, there is a check-off list of positive and negative traits so that we can balance our not-so-positive traits against our positive ones. A positive trait of a prophetic is expressing oneself freely and openly; a not-so-positive trait is procrastination—I am familiar with both!

Once you’ve determined your primary gift, you move on to your secondary gift to get a more complete picture of your personality. Wimer states, “Your basic personality is shaped not only by your primary gift but also by your gift order, especially the order of your first two gifts. Together, these two form the foundation of who you are and how you move through the world.”

After you know your gifts, you can follow the guidelines for how to communicate effectively with the gifts of others. 
- Yolanda Porter, Science of Mind Magazine

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I am a subscriber to Inner Expansion and I have been waiting for this book. Howard has brought a lot of things home for me. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me. Because I know now all of the feelings of guilt and other emotions don't belong to me. This book makes you really think and how we can improve our lives. We can live more productively and simply without taking on the burdens of others. Keep up the good work! - C. Blake via

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I first worked with Howard Wimer in 1997. I have utilized the 4 Spiritual Gifts in business, family, and social relationships as well as the Inner Guidance technique taught at workshops and seminars. I can truly say after 12 years of implementing the fantastic techniques I am a firm believer in their effectiveness and power! I am now a Workshop Director and love sharing this powerful message with others! Once you employ these tools you'll wonder how you ever made it through life without them. - Karen McKy via

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