Weekly Energy of the Day for July 4-10, 2016

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Daily Challenges Vs. Solutions

Energy of the Day for july 4-10, 2016Making PROGRESS in every area of your life will be just one step away from where you are now. All you need to do is stay inspired so you can make the right moves and everything will swiftly manifest for the good you are hoping for.

Monday, July 4, 2016: Determined
Be determined to have a lot more progress in your entire life so your energy is ready and set for it from the start. It may take working a little harder, but it should pay back very quickly and you will be able to smell the sweet scent of victory early on. Do not forget to be grateful at the end of the day. Give due respect where it is deserved.

Losing things, missing exits or forgetting where the car is parked vs. making good notes
Being too traditional or even dogmatic vs. remaining flexible in the way you view life
Becoming overprotective of projects and people vs. helping out, but not obsessing
Getting very impatient when your emotions take over vs. staying relaxed and collected

Tuesday, July 5, 2016: Relax
The first thing to do this morning is to relax so you can get in the right mode to proceed from here. A long to do list does not have to mean working yourself harder, but rather doing it in a smarter way. Simplify everything that is possible and you will end up with a lean and easy to achieve down-to-the-point list that you can finish early on. Make a note of everything that has worked really well to apply it again and again for the future.

Becoming a couch potato watching too much TV vs. getting excited with all the possibilities
Becoming mean when angry and calling others names vs. acting professionally even in crisis
Over thinking to the point you cannot express true feelings vs. always sharing from your heart
Feeling sorry for yourself complaining you are not getting attention vs. tending to yourself

Wednesday, July 6, 2016: Exhibit
Remind yourself today to not set up your environment like a stilted exhibit. Make it more comfortable for you so it is far more productive and natural for your own benefit and ends up helping you out by not taking away from who you really are inside. When you have everything too polished, it becomes stilted. Figuratively speaking, today dust is in and it will be way more believable on a practical level so everyone feels included.

Complaining and getting involved in moral issues vs. realizing what is right or wrong for you
Taking a tragic view of life by making big deals vs. knowing it is always going to be okay
Setting boundaries too strongly vs. allowing a few worthy people to be closer to you
Investing too much in relationships and losing your own identity vs. remaining yourself

Thursday, July 7 2016: Normal
Today may turn upside down any idea you have had in the past of what is normal. Take everything that comes to you one by one and one step at a time. Although it may not make sense while it is taking place, by the end of the day, it will all make brand new sense and have a new outlook on life you may not have ever thought of before.

Wearing yourself too thin becoming a workaholic vs. facing and balancing your work load
Tending to be a perfectionist vs. using high standards, but satisfied with the realistic results
Insensitive not caring about others feelings vs. being considerate of others’ situations
Becoming a drama queen or king vs. not turning everything into a big deal

Friday, July 8, 2016: Go For It!
If this is the day you decide to go for it!, you will have to go all the way with it. No mediocre or half-way anything will work for you at all. Going all in is the recipe for success and nothing short of it will work.

A lazy couch potato watching too much TV vs. being super-active with more interesting things
Feeling dumb if you cannot picture what others are saying vs. always asking for clarity
A one-person operation as it is easier to just do it yourself vs. being inclusive of others
Giving people gifts so they will like you or be devoted to you vs. winning over their hearts

Saturday, July 9, 2016: Enthusiastic
Being enthusiastic comes from the high hope you harbor inside about the adventurous journey you are on or just about to embark upon. It is never too late to still go anywhere you want even if the train you were planning to take may have already left the station. There is always an alternative that becomes possible as long as you have not given up. Even if you may have given up earlier, you can always change your mind to get back on track and sink your teeth into it all over again.

A space cadet who can end up in la-la-land vs. grounding yourself by eating regularly
Being prideful hiding your emotional side with a fake persona vs. being comfortable as you are
Overbearing and aggressive in your approach with others vs. lightening up and taking it easier
Cluttering up your space with a lot of small trinkets vs. living in a harmonious atmosphere

Sunday, July 10, 2016: Love
Love is light, open, velvety and electric. You cannot heavy-hand it. You cannot stay closed and still receive it. You cannot express it without soft kindness. Finally you cannot substitute the magic it creates with absolutely anything else. Experience it fully from the inside out. Love yourself first and you can spread that same feeling you are experiencing all across the board.

Becoming very cynical making fun of others vs. respecting everyone where they are at
Feeling dumb if you cannot picture what is said vs. asking others confidently until it is clear
Compromising your own standards when you get under pressure vs. always sticking to quality
Ignoring the facts of what, when, where, and why for the who vs. considering all equally

Key Word Sentence for your Direction This Week:

Be determined to relax so you can exhibit the best normal attitude to go for it! in a most enthusiastic way to love yourself and others.

Key Word Sentence for your Sensitivity This Week:

Love your own enthusiastic self to go for it! with the true normal and genuine power you exhibit  as you relax and stay determined to succeed all the way.