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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about the Advanced eCourses

Once you learn our two-way communication technique with your inner guidance, the next step is to learn about yourself. Simply stated, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with your life.

Each of our personal eCourses will help you go more in-depth into each one of The Universal Laws of Life®. Here, you will learn:

  • More about your spiritual helpers and your life direction
  • How your spiritual gifts affect every aspect of your life
  • How to heal concepts that don’t belong to you
  • How to refine your communication with your inner guidance in your personal, business and social life
  • How to graduate from planet Earth
  • How to have a complete balance between your intellectual and feeling natures
  • How to stay detached and make sure you are living by your own standards and not by others’ limitations
  • What you came to learn in every seven-year cycle and whether you have learned it or not so that you don’t have any pressure or stress holding you back

Every advanced eCourse comes with:

  • A 50-page practical eBook & Study Guide
  • One facet of the Personal Energy Expansion Program
  • An individual chart of personal information from your own spiritual guidance
  • A 90-minute private phone or web consultation with an Advanced Certified Chartist and Consultant with Inner Expansion

The only pre-requisite is to have ordered the Inner Guidance Consultation Program so that you know how to communicate directly with your own spiritual helpers.  You can experience any of these advanced eCourses in any sequence you want.

In each private phone or web consultation, you will have an opportunity to release a key concept that may be holding you back the most at this time. There is no therapy. It is not a psychological counseling. You will simply learn to differentiate between what belongs to you and what does not.

The total cost is $195 USD for each eCourse.

    * eCourse 1.102: Angel Lifetimes gives you a big picture of each one of your spiritual helpers, where they lived and traveled to, what profession they had, what their nationality was in their last incarnation here on Earth, and their spiritual message on how they are working with you. This eCourse also includes information on how you can use tips and codes to personalize and deepen your individual connection to each of your helpers. 
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    * eCourse 1.103: Life Direction goes in depth with your spiritual message, where you revisit your interpretation and experience with it, and helps you look at the complacent and negative side of your spiritual message so you can learn how to be on track with your life purpose. You will also find out where your spiritual proteges - the people who you came to share your life message with - are throughout the world.
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    * eCourse 2.101: The Law of Spiritual Communication goes in depth into all four of your spiritual gifts and provides a unique look at the balanced, out of balance, and solution side of each one. You will learn to what percentage you have unfolded each one of them and how you throw your timing off when you get under pressure. You will also find out the first spiritual gift of each one of your helpers; if you have any additional helpers working with them, and their first gifts as well. In addition, you also learn to release a personal inner communication concept that has potentially been blocking you - throughout your entire life - from achieving everything you want.
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    * eCourse 3.101: The Law of Spiritual Energy gives you insight into the percentage of energy flowing through each one of your 7 chakras. Knowing this helps you understand which is in and out of balance, and what the solution is for managing each one of these critical energy centers. In addition, eCourse 103 shows you how to release a personal spiritual energy concept that which has been blocking you throughout your entire life.
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    * eCourse 4.101: The Law of Our Relationship With The Cosmos is designed to help you have perfect communication with your spiritual guidance and make sure that you are totally balanced in your personal, business, and social life, so that nothing is blocking you from having that most clear communication with yourself and other people. eCourse 104 also helps you stay on track with your life purpose and overall direction.
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    * eCourse 5.101: The Law of Attraction and Life After Death covers a proven formula for how to graduate from planet Earth! Here, you will explore your behaviors in the Earth Plane, Plane of Confusion, Plane of Complacency, and the Plane of Freedom, and how you can become perfectly balanced in each of those areas. In addition, eCourse 105 also helps you release a personal limiting concept which has been blocking you throughout your entire life.
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    * eCourse 6.101: The Law of Life Balance explores the state of consciousness of your mother and father during your first seven years of life and how that affected the balance between your intellect and feelings. Here, we go in depth into how best to organize your life direction in your personal, business, and social life. We also cover your emotional, semi-intellectual, and the balanced state of the two. In addition, eCourse 106 shows you how to release a personal concept that has kept you from being totally balanced throughout your entire life.
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    * eCourse 7.101: The Law of Science, Religion and Culture presents a chart that takes you back to your last three lifetimes (of your previous incarnations on planet Earth) and explores what religion or philosophy you followed and how that affects you in this lifetime. In addition, eCourse 107 reveals if you have gravitated toward more intellectual endeavors or feeling endeavors throughout all of your past lifetimes. It also looks at your parental, cultural, and personal standards and processes that you are now following so you can be more loyal to yourself in all three. eCourse 107 also helps you release any personal religious concepts that has been blocking you throughout your entire life.
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    * eCourse 8.101: The Law of The Life Cycles takes you through the essence of each of the seven-year cycles throughout your life. It gives you the key concept you came to learn in each cycle and whether you have mastered it or not so that you can move into the next cycle without undue pressure. In addition, this eCourse shows you how to release a personal concept from your 0-7 cycle that has been blocking you throughout your entire life.
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These eCourses are also being offered as a web seminar:


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Special Note: Each one of these advanced personal eCourses can be presented in the community as a four-hour workshop from an Advanced Certified Instructor with Inner Expansion. Contact for more information.