Inner Guidance Consultation Program

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Howard Wimer, founder of Inner Expansion, talks about the Intermediate Package

Clarify your personal direction and understand how to make the right decisions for you. The Inner Guidance Consultation Program includes: 

Everything from our Beginner's Package, plus...

  • Your very own Personal Life Plan, detailing why you came into this world and how to accomplish your life purpose. This comes with a complete Audio-Guide on each section
  • A one-hour private phone or Web consultation on how to connect with your spiritual guides/angels, along with 23 keys to asking questions and receiving immediate answers from your spiritual guidance
  • A lifetime membership in our Guidance Tips Forum, an online resource for continuous support with a Weekly Guidance Tips Webinar & Tele-Conference, to share your experience with others -  worldwide
  • A Personal Regrouping Program Video, showing you how to use The Universal Laws of Life® Practical eBook & Study Guide Home Study Program

$175 - Order Now

Need more information before ordering? We understand:

Contacting your angels is easy.  All it takes is one consultation – right over the phone or the web.

Have you ever wanted to contact your angels directly?

It’s so simple, anyone can do it. Many people make it complicated – or say that you have to go through them in order to get your answers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You have the ability to get your own personal answers to life within 60 seconds when you know how to ask.

Our founder, Howard Wimer, did just that. When Howard was 23 years old, someone had the patience and benevolence to show him how to perform a simple technique that enabled him to ask his own spiritual helpers any question he could think of and get an answer right away.

After he finished practicing with a couple of questions during the private consultation, he immediately went home and wrote down more than 30 other questions for which he wanted answers. And, guess what? He found the solutions to what he was looking for.

The beauty is that he has not had to go to – or go through – anyone else since that day. That was 36 years ago, and what seems like millions of questions later.

You can do the same thing. You don’t have to consult angel cards or wait for a sign. This is a solid two-way communication technique – and you will actually feel your angels giving you the answers to your important questions.

All it takes is one hour of your time. And we can do it over the phone or via the Web. Whatever works best for you – no matter where you are in the world.

Here is how it works:

  • Once you sign up for the Inner Guidance Consultation Program, we assign (with the help of your spiritual helpers) a Certified Chartist and Consultant who will work with you – every step of the way.
  • They will sit down and consult with your spiritual guidance (through theirs) for all of the information for what we call My Personal Life Plan — an outline of everything you brought with you in this lifetime to be successful both spiritually and materially.
  • You will receive your Personal Life Plan by email two to three days later with an online link to the whole program. Then you can stream a 60-minute audio-guide that explains everything on your Life Plan and watch a video showing you how to put it all into practice, including the Personal Energy Cleansing and World Cleansing techniques.
  • Next, we will send you an email asking you to select three times that you are available for the phone or Web consultation. It’s that simple.
  • You will receive an email confirmation for the time that best suits you and the consultant or an email confirmation for the Web consultation.
  • If you are receiving a private phone consultation, the consultant will call at the scheduled time and you will have the opportunity to clarify anything that you need help with on your Personal Life Plan, or you will be sent a link to join the Web meeting with the benefit of sharing this experience with many others around the world.
  • During your consultation, we will show you the two-way communication technique that was used to get the information for your Personal Life Plan chart – so you will know exactly how we did it!
  • This will give you the opportunity to practice asking questions on your own, and the consultant or Web seminar instructor will make sure that you feel very secure in using this powerful technique in your everyday life.
  • If you have any questions after the consultation, we are always available. You will be able to email your consultant or the Inner Expansion office at any time.

In addition, you will receive an email invitation each week to join us for the Guidance Tips Webinar & Tele-Conference to clarify and share anything that is happening in your personal, business or social life.

Finally, become a Lifetime Member in the online Guidance Tips Forum so that you can express how you are using your own inner guidance in your everyday life and be able to interact with others on the same path.

What could be better? 

Here are some testimonials from people who have made the Inner Guidance Consultation Program work in their own lives:

It was an absolutely incredible experience...I feel so empowered!! I finally feel like I really CAN communicate clearly with my angels and that I can TRUST the answers I'm getting.
Ria Orta, USA

The experience was great.  I consider myself to be rather "thick skinned", I never experience anything special when other people do! This time I could really feel a reaction!
Geraldine Anselma, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

I must say that I was really impressed how this very simple technique has affected the way of communication with my spiritual team members. It's amazing indeed. What is more, I really appreciated the way how the consultation was performed: very informal, interactive and effective. The Consultant I had was a real professional in this area. Thanks a lot! I enjoyed it, it was great!  (I would like to thank you for your flexibility, individual approach and patience.)
Tatiana Galkina, Russia

(The consultant) had a warm, authentic way of communicating that checked right along with the process that she clearly understood. It was a lovely and easy way to have experienced the lesson.  It was great.
Suzanne Hall, New Zealand

It was a really great and exciting experience.
Erik Joergensen, Denmark

(The consultant) was so much in tune with my needs and so patient. I really felt she was 100% there for me in the session. Susan knew how to give the right tips and shared her experience as well. I am very content with the consultation.
Avshalom Hillel, Israel

It was a wonderful and exciting experience. I can now get help with decision making anytime.
Sheena Kulshrestha, United Kingdom

It was a wonderful, enlightening experience with deep healing benefits. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Pam Seton, United Arab Emirates

I really want to say ‘thank you’ for your support. The communication was so easy and clear and your consultant helped me get in touch with my guardian angels very fast. It works easier than I had expected. I felt protection from my angels and that I’m doing the right thing. Thank you again!
Ana-Maria Trandafir, Romania

...and many, many more.

$175 - Order Now